The Witches' Voice: More info on Wicca, links to pagan graphics & much more!
Reno Celtic Celebration: Annual Celtic New Year Celebration in October. Worth the trip, if you can make it!
Ariadne's Thread: A wonderful woman, a beautiful site. TONS of info!
Witches Wed: A WONDERFUL ritual resource for any of you Wiccans/Pagans planning to tie the knot.
The Practical Pagan: A true friend. Commentary on pagan issues, links and answers to FAQ
Encyclopedia Mythica: A HUGE, comprehensive listing of Gods, Goddesses and myths from all over the world!
Reclaiming: Reclaiming is a community of women and men working to unify spirit and politics. Their vision is rooted in the religion and magic of the Goddess -- the Immanent Life Force. They see their work as teaching and making magic -- the art of empowering ourselves and each other.
A Grove of the Spiral Goddess: A Sacred Goddess Grove on the Web. A healing place pagans, wiccans, and the curious. Goddess Images and names, Crone Grove, chants, invocations, Goddess 101, the Muse,the GreenMan, Abby Willowroot artwork & more!
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